How to sell ebook?

This tutorial will teaching you how to sell ebook or other product step-by-step. You need promote your blog only. The code will be works instead of you ( so the selling process is full automatically ).

This solution is not free. Your monthly expense only around $3.99 meanwhile your income profit so much more than $3.99… Do you want earn $40 monthly or more? $100? $500? There is no obstacle. It is possible.

This solution hasn’t any commission, only your fix $3.99 monthly expense.

Sounds great? Let’s start…

These are needed:

– PayPal account
– account
– 30-60 minutes free time
– $3.99 for Premium on


1., Signup on PayPal website ( if you haven’t already yet ). Your email address will be your PayPal account ID.

Skip this step if you have already PayPal account.

Note: You can give here your money. Signup here with real information.

2., Link this PayPal accont with your Credit Card. You can withdraw your money from here.

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Profile near the top of the page.
  3. Click My Money under My Profile.
  4. Click Update next to Debit and Credit Cards.
  5. Click Add a Card.
  6. Enter your information.
  7. Click Add Card.

Skip this step if your PayPal account already linked.

4., Signup on website.

Skip this step if you have already account.

Note: You can open here a new blog/website for promote and sell your product.

5., Login to here and open Premium page. You can subscribe here to get access for “Easy Digital Download” plugin. Choose “Good” or better package and press PayPal button.

After open this Premium page, scroll down and you can see something like this:


Click on “Choose Plan” button and press PayPal button. Complete purchase.

Note: You can earn money with this plugin. This is the easiest way to earn money automatically and efficiently.
You should be subscribe minimum “Good” package to access this plugin. If you want lower price, give coupon code from our Facebook page.

6., Go to Plugins part in Dashboard and activate “Easy Digital Download” plugin.


7., After activate this plugin, go to Downloads and add your downloads ( Add New ). Set up all settings on this page, include your product price and description.

8., Go to Downloads/Settings submenu and choose Payment Gateways. Check the PayPal Standard and click on Save Changes button.


9., Go to PayPal Standard, and type your PayPal email address and Save Changes again.


8., That’s all. If all settings is okay, your blog looks like this:


9., Promote your blog for get a lot of customer and make a lot of money :)


Do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any further questions.