I'm Ferenc Bajza, the Founder and CEO of Blogginger. In the past I wanted to create a personal blog, but all solution on the market were too complicated, need a lot of experience or the final design was terrible.

Few days later I planned and then started to create a perfect managed webhosting service. Based on my previous experience, WordPress is the best choice for this network frontend.

The base of backend was clear. Linux. I had to learn a really lot of this operating system, but absolute worth it. Nowadays I'm writing the A.I. solution for Blogginger.

After uncountable hours the beta version has been released of Blogginger.
It was at 27th of May, 2015.

It seems the current status is so close to perfect, but the developing part never will be end.

In my opinion the "good" is not enough. I want the best. So I'm always looking for better and better solutions in softwares, hardwares and everything in the life.

I hope You will enjoy the experience of Blogginger!

Behind the scenes

Founder and CEO of Blogginger